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What is Community Builders?

For every hour someone spends giving up their time, they are rewarded with 1 credit. These credits can then be exchanged for a variety of products/services.

Community Builders are always looking for new partners to widen the opportunities available for our members. So if you have spare tickets, goods or services to offer, or can give opportunities to earn credits- then this is for you.

It’s simple – register on the site by clicking here – then use your unique password to start uploading opportunities and let the system do the rest! 

How it works - An Example

Mary volunteers for two hours in a community litter-pick (organised via Big Local). After the litter pick Big Local complete and return a reference for Mary and she receives two credits.

Mary then spends one credit on a yoga class (donated via public health) and a further credit on joining the local credit union (Pioneer Credit Union). 

What’s in it for you:

For further information contact:

Lyndsey Coe, Senior Neighbourhood Development Manager, Thirteen -  lyndsey.coe@thirteengroup.co.uk / 01642 947194 or

Becky James, Health Improvement Specialist, Public Health South Tees -  becky_james@middlesbrough.gov.uk / 01642 728741

Ready to Register and Start Offering Opportunities and Rewards?  Register as a partner by selecting here.